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General Information

The inscriptions were found in different states of preservation, some of them having been almost completely obliterated. Under the constraints of time, technical equipment and experience, every effort was made to record them in the best way possible, though the results are not always completely satisfactory. As they become available, pictures of better quality will be added.

Most of the inscriptions are reproduced as a series of closeups of varying degrees and with a sometimes considerable amount of overlapping. In cases of doubtful readings it might thus be helpful to look at the adjoining pictures. Especially the photos of the lines above and below the reading in question sometimes provide a better rendering of uncertain passages.

The documentation of material which is presently being prepared for publication is made available only in part. In these cases only a small portion of the beginning of the inscription will be found under the relevant link.

Inscriptions that have already been published are reproduced in their entirety, supplemented by the bibliographical references. The documentation of inscriptions which are not of immediate interest for the project (mainly more recent examples) is also made available in full.

Editorial Signs

{1} beginning of a line
* dbu
/ shad
¡ sbrul shad
+ ornamental sign
a uncertain reading (underlined letters)
= illegible akṣara
- illegible part of an akṣara
xxxaxxx additions below the line


CJ Christian Jahoda
CK Christiane Kalantari
CL Christian Luczanits
CSS Cristina Scherrer-Schaub
JP Jaroslav Poncar
HT Helmut Tauscher
KB Katia Buffetrille
KT Kurt Tropper
PS Patrick Sutherland