Tibetan Inscriptions in the Western Himalaya

Historical and religious inscriptions in mNga' ris (West Tibet, PR China) (2013-2018)

Director: Dr. Kurt Tropper (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Fieldwork and research: Prof. Dr. Cristina Scherrer-Schaub (Sorbonne, Paris)
Dr. Kurt Tropper (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Assistant: J├╝rgen Sch├Ârflinger, BA (University of Vienna)

The main purpose of this site is to make available, in an easy and inexpensive way, the documentary material that has been prepared in the field. Most of the inscriptions are located in the cultural area of Western Tibet, presently divided between India, China, Pakistan and Nepal; in order to provide a wider context for these sources some inscriptions from Central Tibet have also been included.

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